Chaosdorf e.V.

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Düsseldorfer ERFA Kreis des chaos computer club e.V.

Hackerspace auf 160qm in der Hüttenstraße 25, Düsseldorf.

Weiterführende Informationen

The Chaosdorf e.V. (aka CCC Düsseldorf) is a hackerspace located not too far from Düsseldorf main station. Our space is open almost 24/7, but the main meeting is on Fridays, usually from 18:00 to some point of time in the range from Friday night to Sunday evening. You don't need to announce your visit, though it doesn't hurt to check on IRC first.

We have regular talks or workshops, which are announced on our website. In the other cases we just sit/hack around happily – you're welcome to join.

We are located in Hüttenstraße 25, Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way. (51°12'59"N/6°47'1"E)

You find directions on our wiki and a map entry on OpenStreetMap.

Just drop by and get started. Guests are welcome at any time.